Finding A Rewarding Business Mentor Relationship

January is mentoring month.

Professionally, having a mentor has been very valuable to me. It may be how I am wired. I cannot imagine what it would be like not to have someone to confide in that is or has been where you are going. I feel the need to glean from them their secret recipe for success. To break it down, if you were interested in taking up a new sport, would you want to beĀ coached or counseled by someone who has never even watched the sport or a retired athlete? Which one would you trust to give you the best tips and tricks to get where you are going? Which one fully understands your vision, your thirst, and your drive? Of course, the retired athlete. That person has been where you are going and has conquered! When meeting with a mentor, there are a few things that I like to take into consideration:

  1. This person has been where I want to go so I need to come with an open mind and be willing to take any criticism as constructive and begin to implement change.
  2. Their one on one time is invaluable. They may not know all the latest industry changes, but they know what worked for them and can help me figure out what works for me.
  3. My mentor’s advice is free but their time is invaluable. I need to at least pay for lunch or dinner, etc.
  4. My relationship with my mentor can help open doors for other long-term relationships that will benefit me and my business. This will help me grow my network.
  5. My mentor is interested in my success and not any products or services that I offer.

Keeping these things in mind has helped me to check my ego and arrive at each meeting with eagerness and a desire to grow. So, take the time and find a professional willing to mentor you. A few months from now, you will find that you grew leaps and bounds and it would not have been possible without adequate coaching.

Have a great week!


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